Ronald Koeman is the manager of the Netherlands' national football team. He was a former professional footballer in the Netherlands. Ronald Koeman was born in the Dutch town of Zaandam to former international footballer Martin Koeman. He had always wanted to play football since he was a toddler. He began his professional career with a local team called "FC Groningen," and eventually went to the country's most successful club, "Ajax." He later joined the Dutch national football team and became a famous player, representing the country in the "FIFA World Cups" in 1990 and 1994. He was a composed footballer who played both as a midfielder and a defenseman. He was recognized for his precision and long-range passing, as well as his ability to take penalty kicks. He has coached and played for three of his country's top clubs: Feyenoord, "Ajax," and "PSV," making him the first person to do so. He has been the manager of the Netherlands national football team since 2018.

Childhood and Adolescence

In a few international matches, the brothers were teammates. Because their father is an international player, both brothers have been obsessed with the sport since they were little. Despite the fact that their father was a footballer, his career was not particularly successful. He worked part-time as a butcher and had only represented his country in one international match.

The game piqued the curiosity of both boys. Their mother had to throw food at them from the balcony at times when they were playing in the streets without eating or drinking. When Ronald was in his mid-teenage years, he joined some local football clubs and began playing at a higher level.

Career in Football

At the age of 17, Ronald made his professional debut with the local club FC Groningen, becoming the club's third-youngest player ever. In the 90 games he played throughout his first three seasons with the club, he scored 33 goals. This was no ordinary accomplishment, and it led to Ronald receiving offers from the top Dutch club, Ajax, as well as the Dutch national team.

Ajax lost the "Eredivisie" title in Ronald's first season with the club, in 1983–1984. The team, on the other hand, won the championship the following season.

Ronald was transferred to "PSV Eindhoven" in 1986. Starting in 1986–1987, the squad won the "Eredivisie" title for three consecutive seasons. "PSV" also won the "European Cup" in 1988, which was a remarkable accomplishment. This was the team's sole victory in the "European Cup."

Ronald was being pursued by bigger teams in 1989. He joined Barcelona, and in his first season, he guided the squad to the Copa del Rey title. The Barcelona team was dubbed "The Dream Team" at the time because it featured some of the best footballers in the world.

Barcelona went on to become one of the top football clubs in the world. Since 1991, the club has won four straight 'La Liga' titles with Ronald on "The Dream Team." Ronald scored the game's sole goal in the final to help "Barcelona" win the "European Cup" in 1992. Barcelona's first "European Cup" victory.

Ronald was a prolific goal scorer who was recognized for his accurate long-passing and free kicks. Ronald was the joint-highest goalscorer in the "UEFA Champions League" in 1993–1994, with 8 goals. Despite his outstanding effort, the team was defeated in the finals by "Milan." During the season, he also set a new record by successfully converting 25 penalty kicks into goals.

After nearly 200 appearances for Barcelona, Ronaldo returned to the Netherlands and joined the Feyenoord team. As a result, he became one of the rare players in the Netherlands to play for the top three local football teams. He was the only defender to score 193 goals in all the league matches he played before retiring from club football in 1997.

Ronald made his international debut against Sweden in a friendly match in 1983. He scored his first international goal against Iceland in the same year. The team was inept, and it failed to qualify for the "UEFA Euro" in 1984 and the "FIFA World Cup" in 1986. It did, however, compete in the "Euro" in 1988. The Dutch squad won the cup, which was the team's only major title, after an outstanding performance.

Ronald played for his country in the "World Cups" of 1990 and 1994, as well as the "Euro Cup" of 1992. Ronald scored 14 goals for his country's national team in 78 appearances.

A Coach or Career Manager's

Ronald Koeman retired from the game in 1997. During the 1998 "FIFA World Cup," he became a member of the national team's coaching staff. He also worked as an assistant coach at "Barcelona" for a short time before being hired as the head coach of the club "Vitesse." Despite working with a low budget, he was able to help the underdog squad qualify for the UEFA Cup in 2000.

Ronald was named the manager of "Ajax" in 2001. His tenure, however, was not particularly fruitful. In 2005, Ronald quit as the team's manager due to the poor record over the next few years.

In the same year, he became the manager of the Portuguese team "Benfica". The team did not perform as predicted this time, and underperformed in a number of important tournaments, including the "Portuguese League" and the "Champions League." Ronald was fired from his position at "Benfica" after a year on the job. This occurred a year before his contract was set to expire.

Ronald coached "PSV" in the 2006–2007 season, and they had a terrific start. During the first half of the regular season, the team was outstanding, but its play degraded in the second half. However, the team's failure might also be blamed on a slew of injuries to the team's greatest players at the time. Despite its flaws, the club was able to win the "Eredivisie Championship" at the end of the season.

In 2007, he was named the new manager of Valencia. He helped the team win the Copa del Rey in his debut year with the club. However, due to the team's subsequent dismal performance, he was eventually fired in 2008. He went on to manage teams like "AZ," "Feyenoord," and "Southampton," among others. His managerial career reached its height at Southampton, as he has crowned "Premier League Manager of the Month" three times during the 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 seasons.

He began coaching "Everton" in June 2016, and in 2018, he was named head coach of the Dutch national football team.

Personal and Family Life

Because of his physical resemblance to the popular cartoon character, his teammates in "Barcelona" lovingly dubbed him "Tintin."

In December 1985, Ronald Koeman married Bartina. Ronald Koeman Jr., their son, also became a football player and currently plays goalie for 'FC Oss.'

After his wife and one of his best friends were diagnosed with cancer, Ronald became involved with the "Kick it with Help" anti-smoking program.