Manuel Neuer is a German player who happens to be one of all the foremost standard modern goalkeepers. he's an important part of the German national squad together with his native team, Bayern metropolis, and is understood for his quickness and accuracy while stopping the ball from reaching the goal. He has been regarded by the soccer specialists to be the simplest goalkeeper within the world and is the holder of the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper Award. within the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Manuel won the Golden Glove award, given to the simplest acting goalkeeper within the tournament, and compete in a significant role in Germany’s World Cup triumph. The honors area unit is unending and still stumble upon Manuel and he's widely referred to as the 3 best footballers of latest times, insulant behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. For the 2018 World Cup team, Manuel was named the captain of the national team and is another time the amount one competitor for the Golden Glove award for the second time in an exceeding row.

Childhood & childhood

Manuel Neuer was born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on March twenty-seventh, 1986, and commenced enjoying soccer at the first age of two. within the street of their town, Manuel and his brother compete for hours while neglecting their studies. As he grew up, his interest in the game didn’t subside and he found himself listed in Gesamtschule Berger Fled, similar to his idol and an excellent player, Mesut Ozil.

The young and gifted Manuel created his debut on the sphere in 1991, at the tender age of five. He compete within the youth system of Schalke and performed well on the far side of everybody’s expectations. The coach started paying special attention to Manuel’s game and honed his skills, hence, Manuel was unbroken rising and by the time he was at school, he was already knowledgeable level goalkeeper.


Manuel Neuer started enjoying being a knowledgeable player with Schalke. He started as an amateur initial however his skills created him to undergo an ages cluster barrier and he signed a knowledgeable contract with the club in 2005, however couldn’t build his beginning on the sphere in his initial season. He got an opportunity to play within the second season tho' and performed well.

In the 2007-08 season, Manuel started enjoying for his team within the UEFA Champions League whereby the knockout match against the city, he unbroken his team’s prospect of winning the match singlehandedly alive with several saves, forcing the sport into a tie, that junction rectifier to the penalties. within the penalty combat spherical, he created the saves and junction rectifier for his team straight into the quarter-finals.

For his exceptional performance within the league, he was nominated for the UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year award, however, his team somehow lost. He compete in fifty games within the season for his team and emerged as a replacement star. In 2010-11, he was handed over the duties of the captain for Schalke and evidenced a decent skipper by leading his team straight into the Champions League Semi-final.

In 2011, he proclaimed that his contract with Schalke was approaching its finish and he isn’t willing to increase it more, that he received a great deal of backlash from Schalke fans. someday later, Manuel confirmed his switch to Bayern metropolis for a thumping twenty-two Million German monetary unit, creating Manuel the second most costly goalkeeper of all time.

In a crucial 2012 match against Real Madrid, he managed to halt Kaka and Ronaldo to get penalty goals and secured his team’s place into the semi-final of the championship league and within the finals, although he performed well, his team metropolis lost to Chelsea and Manuel finished the season with a complete of fifty-three appearances.

Neuer started the consecutive season with a finish for his team within the German Cup and helped his team secure the twenty13 Champions League trophy and bid so long to the season with thirty-one Bundesliga matches and concerning 20 a lot of appearances in several tournaments across the season. The 2014-15 season was higher than the last and Manuel was honored with the German player of the Year award together with an area within the UEFA Team of the Year. The season is all over with Manuel creating a complete of fifty appearances.

Manuel started his international career with huge leagues in 2009, once he was elite to be an area of the national team for the Asian tour. within the 2010 World Cup, Manuel became the goalkeeper for FRG and compete typically well, saving several troublesome goals for his team and within the 2012 monetary unit Cup, Manuel was an area of the team and compete for a significant role in his team securing ten out of ten victories within the cluster stage.

In the 2014 World Cup, Manuel competes exceptionally well and junction rectifies his team straight into the finals, wherever the German team long-faced Argentina. Manuel had a great deal of labor to try to do within the finals and saved several goals. FRG all over up winning the tournament and for his nice performance as a goalkeeper, Manuel received the ‘Golden Glove’ award.

Manuel was elite for the 2016 monetary unit Cup and didn’t let any team score goals against FRG all told the matches of the cluster stage before the Italian Republic scored one and stone-broke the streak. The match was stretched to a penalty spherical within which, Manuel created some sweet saves and junction rectifier his team to finish and was later named Man of the Match.

Personal Life

Manuel Neuer may be a catholic and a nonsecular person. he's an area of charities operating towards the betterment of children in rural areas.

Manuel married his semipermanent girlfriend, Nina Weiss, in Austria. He had a nonsecular ceremony for his wedding someday later in the Italian Republic. The couple dated for over a decade before ligature the knot in might 2017.

He conjointly happens to be an enormous celebrity in FRG and has appeared in ‘Wer Wid Millionar’, the German version of ‘Who needs to be a Millionaire’. the quantity he won within the charity went straight to Manuel Neuer children's Foundation.