Javier Hernández is a Mexican striker who currently plays for West Ham United in the Premier League. Javier was born and reared in the Mexican state of Jalisco and has been playing junior club football since the age of seven. He was selected for the national under-17 team after earning his first professional deal with a local club at the age of 15. He was signed by the 'Premier League' club 'Manchester United' in July 2010 and became the first Mexican player to play for one of the top 'Premier League teams. He had an outstanding minutes-to-goal ratio with 'Manchester United,' which was one of the finest in the history of the 'Premier League.' However, he was forced to leave the team due to disagreements with the head coach and his poor performance. The A-grade European league teams 'Real Madrid' and 'Bayer Leverkusen' were his next stops. He has been a striker for the English club 'West Ham United' since 2017. He is also the highest goal scorer for the Mexican national team in international matches.

Childhood and Adolescence

Silvia Balcázar and Javier Gutiérrez gave birth to Javier Hernández on June 1, 1988, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was born into a sports-loving household. His father and grandfather were both former national champions. His father was a member of the Mexican national team that competed in the 1954 'FIFA World Cup,' and his grandpa was a member of the Mexican national team that competed in the 1954 'FIFA World Cup.'

Javier was expected to fall in love with football at a young age because he came from a football-crazed household. His father was a football coach at a few local clubs, which fueled Javier's passion for the game.

He started training at the age of five. At the age of seven, he played his first professional match. In the 'Mexican Recreation League,' he was a player.

Javier spent much of his childhood in Morelia, where his father was a member of the local team 'Monarcas Morelia.' Javier received his primary schooling at the 'Instituto Piaget,' where he started playing football for his school football team.

He began making waves in local tournaments by the time he was nine years old. He joined the 'CD Guadalajara' junior team and earned his first professional contract with the club at the age of 15.

Meanwhile, he was enrolled at the 'Universidad del Valle de Atemajac' for business administration classes. He was also selected for the Mexican national team for the 2005 'U-17 FIFA World Cup,' but was unable to compete due to an unlucky injury. That didn't stop him from honing his skills, though. He was already a popular player by the conclusion of his academic years.


He started playing for a small-time Mexican club called 'Chivas' in their lower-division team in 2005. His early game efforts, though, were not very impressive. He went without a goal in many games at one point.

He made a very strong return in 2009 when he played in the 'Apertura' event and finished as the tournament's 3rd-highest scorer. In 2010, he continued his energizing performance. In the 2010 'Torneo Bicentenario,' he was the tournament's equal top scorer. In the 11 games he played there, he scored 10 goals. In the first five games, he had not appeared.

The 'Manchester United' management team went on a scouting trip to Mexico in late 2009 to find some good players. They were made aware of Javier's abilities and were largely impressed. He was, however, too young at the time, and Manchester had to wait to make a bid because they couldn't approach an underage youngster. Soon after his senior 'World Cup' debut, he was offered a contract by 'Manchester United.'

Javier debuted for 'Manchester United' in the 2010–2011 season. Within the first 18 minutes of his debut for the English club, he scored his first league goal. In August 2010, he made his competitive debut, scoring the game-winning goal against 'Chelsea.' He proceeded to outperform expectations and was soon a contender for the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

He took his team to the 'Champions League' finals, but they came short of capturing the trophy.

He experienced a little setback on July 26, 2011, when he received a concussion during a training match in New York. Even though he was cleared the next day, he was warned to be cautious. He signed a new deal with 'Manchester United' in October 2011 that would keep him at the club for the next five years. He was a consistent performer. He scored 12 goals in 36 games for his squad.

In terms of goal scoring, his performance in the third season outperformed his previous two seasons. He was already being heralded as a star player after turning out to be a revelation for 'Manchester United.'

In the fourth season, though, his performance suffered a serious setback. He only scored 9 goals in 35 appearances for 'Manchester.' He was loaned to 'Real Madrid,' with the possibility to transfer him away permanently, due to his poor performance. He returned to 'Manchester' after the loan period ended since 'Madrid' had declined to grant him a contract.

He scored five goals in six games in the 'Champions League group stage. Despite this, he was unable to help his team advance to the knockout stage. His debut season in the 'Bundesliga' concluded on a high note, with three times being named 'Bundesliga Player of the Month.'

His performance in the 2016–2017 season was once again ordinary. In his 36 games that season, he only scored 13 goals. 'Bayer' had no choice but to fire him after such a poor performance. Following that, he signed a contract with 'West Ham United,' a 'Premier League squad.

His 2017 season with 'West Ham' was not particularly impressive, as he only scored 8 goals in 33 appearances.

In the 2010 'FIFA World Cup,' he made his 'World Cup' debut as a member of the national team. Since then, he has participated in every 'FIFA World Cup competition. He now holds the record for most international goals scored by a Mexican player.

Personal Experiences

Javier Hernández is a devout Catholic. He comes from a religiously conservative Catholic background.

He's been dating Sarah Kohan, an 'Instagram' celebrity, for a long now. The couple openly discusses their connection. They frequently post pictures from their vacations on the internet.